faq-dice-rust-1Q. Should I schedule my vehicle transport in advance?

A. It definitely helps if you call ahead to schedule your shipment with us. If we have a little lead time planning for your shipment we can work within your schedule to ensure we meet your pickup and delivery time-frames. If you need a special service please visit our Services page to learn more about moving your vehicle.

Q. What method of payments does Florida Car Transport accept?

A. We accept credit card payments.

Q. How can I get a quote?

A. You can receive a quote directly on our website or by calling our sales team at (866) 815-8200. The system will respond with a series of text prompts, and an official quote will be sent to the your mobile phone.

Q. How do you classify an oversize vehicle?

A. Any vehicle that is larger than a standard sedan or crossover is considered oversize. Most full size SUVs fit in to this category. Any vehicle that has special add on equipment that falls outside the normal dimensions is also considered an oversize vehicle.

Q. How will my car be picked up and delivered?

A. We will arrange pickup and delivery that best fits your needs. However, due to the size of our trucks, residential streets may not work due to maneuverability constraints. In these cases, we ask that you meet our drivers in a place that has adequate room for truck travel. A large shopping area parking lot is usually a great option.

Q. Should I be present when you pick up or deliver my vehicle?

A. Yes, we request you, or a designated person, be present at pickup and delivery. Our driver will conduct a complete inspection of your vehicle with you present and note all present dents, scuffs and damages. This is called the Condition Report, or CR, and is very important to complete before our driver loads and delivers your vehicle.

Q. Is your service door to door?

A. We offer door to door service, or as close as possible within location constraints.

Q. How do I prepare my vehicle?

A. You can visit our Before You Ship page or our Shipping Tips page to read how to prepare your vehicle for shipping.

Q. Can we call any time for shipping statuses and ETA updates?

A. Yes during normal business hours

Let Florida Car Transport help you along the way. Just give us a call at (866) 815-8200 any time day or night, or email us at: